What you can expect as a member is simple:
uncompromising tangible results and your sustained and accelerated prosperity.

But it's also about integrity and liberation. Liberation of your human spirit to enjoy a successful and passionate life without restraint or suppression: and it's about realizing that these are consistent with success, not independent of it.

Paul is direct, passionate and driven... so if you don't possess those traits this program is most likely not for you.

The Board of Directors Inner Circle program is by application only and applications are only considered once you are a member of the Millennia Business Academy.

This is because the Board of Directors Inner Circle program is not for beginners. The clear comprehension of the architecture, knowledge and expertise, that gel together to manufacture a truly profitable, sustainable and valuable business is an absolute prerequisite.

In the Millennia Business Academy you will learn the key components... the architecture, knowledge and expertise that separate the top 1% of business owners who achieve real wealth, abundance and freedom, from the majority who do not.

If you're a serious business owner or would like to be... then you're in the right place.

To join the Millennia Business Academy and begin your journey immediately please click here now, and welcome to a new dimension in business education... welcome to Millennia.

If you have completed your MBE and would like to apply for the Board of Directors program please email jane@millenniaglobal.com