The Millennia Business Academy is ‘Real World Experience Based’ business training for business owners, entrepreneurs and lead management.

The training is broken down into 5 key programs, each focused on an essential business knowledge discipline:

All training is video based enabling you to watch at your own time, revisit and replay as required, give access to team members, and stop and rewind where necessary to ensure clarity and comprehension.

With more than 70 video training modules, downloads, worksheets and downloadable audio files; the Academy is unmatched in its comprehensive business education designed to elevate your business knowledge to the level of
the top 1% of business owners.

The programs were personally created (and are delivered) by Paul Brotherson: a CEO who after building a $138Million company from scratch and retiring in his 30’s, became frustrated by the lack of ‘real world success’ business owners in the business education space.

He then set about to create a ‘Real World Experience Based’ platform that would allow business owners to learn the fundamentals of how to develop and maintain productivity, profitability and prosperity in any business.

From this, he created the MillenniaBusinessAcademy.

"Paul is an extraordinary speaker and an even better mentor.
His techniques are transformational and he cares only about one thing: RESULTS."
Tas Moulis, Q-Paint Pty Ltd