Imagine, for a moment, that your business was taken over by a $138million CEO.

Would it remain exactly the same, running as it does now? Or, would that CEO fundamentally transform the very core of that business, and enable it to reach heights that it has never before seen?

Millennia Business Academy is your opportunity to experience that transformation. With world-class education delivered by the $138million CEO that is designed to transform the very fabric of your business, and your life.

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The word Master gets thrown around a lot these days; however when it comes to business there really is no better word to describe Paul’s comprehensive experience, insight and wisdom.

Stefanie Carniato / Tenacia Pty Ltd

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Meet the $138million CEO, the Master
Business Engineer behind the
Millennia Business Academy.

Paul Brotherson

Paul is a unique individual in the world of business, mentoring and leadership because his entrepreneurial knowledge, theory and expertise is based in real world experience.

In his early twenties Paul spent four years directly under the CEO of a genuine Superbusiness. Being personally mentored and educated on creating, building and sustaining profitable and enduring companies. Drawing from this remarkable teaching, Paul started the Maverick Group of companies.

Under Paul’s stewardship, the companies have grown from fledgling start-ups with three staff to employing more than 350 people globally. With customers including corporations and major retailers worldwide the group produces yearly revenues in excess of $130 million.

Praise for Paul Brotherson

Paul’s business intellect is truly something special. I doubt there are many if any individuals involved in business education or mentoring with his expertise, experience or knowledge.

Allan Skinner
Raw Connection WCS Pty Ltd

Paul is an extraordinary speaker and an even better mentor. His techniques are transformational and he cares only about one thing – RESULTS

Tas Moulis
Q-Paint Pty Ltd

The focus, clarity and momentum we have in the business now is simply remarkable. In fact we have been so inundated with new business we have paused our new business marketing momentarily.

Travis Hinchy
Financial 3 Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Paul has a rare skill in business. His experience, insight and clarity means he asks the questions that people are afraid to. He delivers brutal truths and liberating results.

Liane Sayer-Roberts
Sauce Communications Pty Ltd

It’s clear that Paul has sincere desire to help people live a better life through optimising and maximising their business. Simply put, it is impossible not to learn something when he is in the room. There’s no better teacher in this space.

Natasha Hibberd
Mortgage Effect Pty Ltd

Paul is a master communicator. He has an extraordinary ability to transform, motivate and enlighten resigned business owners to a compelling and attainable future. I’ve heard many speakers and none are as engaging as Paul.

Travis Reading
Next Pond Pty Ltd

The word Master gets thrown around a lot these days; however when it comes to business there really is no better word to describe Paul’s comprehensive experience, insight and wisdom.

Stefanie Carniato
Tenacia Pty Ltd

Paul has built several successful multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up (without losing his sanity). I know first-hand because I worked under Paul as his Sales Director for 7 years in one of his companies before he taught me how to build my own. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to increase their financial, mental and emotional wealth; except my competition of course.

Nick Allman
THLS Pty Ltd

Paul has a remarkable business mind. His ability to help you clarify and understand your business constraints, then then show you how to overcome them is truly unique. His knowledge has been a priceless asset to my business growth. If you get the opportunity to work with him in anyway, take it.

Dr. Bill Davison
Chiropractor, Osteopath, Naturopath.
Master Wholistic Health Coach. Author

Paul takes business education and comprehension to a whole new level. His clarity and skill in illustrating the road to a successful business is simply inspiring. I have no doubt his proven strategies and wealth of experience will work in your business as they have in mine!

Peter Hancock
Director, Volume Control Pty Ltd